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There's a saying that states: "The only way to know where you're going is to know where you've been." In simple terms, your past and history goes a long way toward your future and what you'll become. Here is a brief history of where the firm began and how it got to where it is today.

The law firm was founded by David L. Colson (1930-2011). Mr. Colson was a partner of Taylor Smith, Jr. (1914-1995) until he moved to the current location in 1970 and established the firm of Colson & Wagner with Gary W. Wagner (1936-2007). Mr. Wagner was a member of the firm until he retired in 2005.


The firm name has changed over the years as Mr. Colson practiced with various law partners, including James G. Freer (1946-2014), Thomas L. Ray, Jr. (retired Judge), and Jill R. Colson, his daughter (formerly Jill Colson Mackay).


In 2012, Jill R. Colson became the sole proprietor of the Law Firm of Colson & Colson, L.L.C. The firm has always been a general practice firm with expertise in many areas of the law.

History of Colson & Colson, L.L.C.

The firm has provided over 50 years of outstanding legal services to its clients.

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